A classy release from a classy brand. Mizuno's new take on the Rebula silo, the Rebula 2 V1 has been released in a brilliant colourway.

The "Black/Gold" paintjob is the launch colourway for the Rebula 2 has, which has landed alongside it's matching Morelia Neo II.

Mizuno's Rebula line is the brand's 'control' boot, aimed at providing a perfect fit and feel alongside a precise pass and solid strike.

The slight change in design has come with some minor changes which Mizuno hope will enhance the overall performance of the Rebula.

One key change between Rebula models is the addition of the fixed tounge, found inside the boot to help support the player's foot. locking it in place. A slight change in the upper's construction is also noticeable.

Overall, the new Rebula 2 V1 has been launched in an outstanding colourway with incredible comfort, becoming a boot which is a must for any footballer.

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