Bands FC began with the simple idea of taking a football badge and reimagining it in the style of a pop group that has a connection with the club or the city or the design.

They posted it on Twitter and suddenly some of the most amazing internet artists were on board, adding more and more creations. Some were simple nods to their origins, some were design genius and some brilliant visual puns.

Madchester 90s band The Stone Roses were central to a reinvention of Manchester United's crest, while 80s Scousers Echo and the Bunnymen took over the Liverpool FC badge and Daft Punk could only be PSG.

As the idea grew, so did the number of designs and the number of fans. Just two months after the first @BandsFC post on Twitter, the National Football Museum in Manchester set up a special exhibition of their work

Then came the postcards of the designs, swiftly followed by lapel badges.

Posters of badges, split into relevant leagues? Check!

Now they are moving into designing replica-style shirts with fake but relevant sponsors.

Where next? How about some custom Subbuteo figures? Perfect.

But the best was yet to come. The bands themselves are getting involved and allowing the actual shirts to be produced en masse...

The brains behind the concept, Mark Liptrott and Nick Fraser, are now looking at releasing a book of the artwork and have a website, as well as their Twitter account.

Now we're just looking forward to the first BandsFC Festival... Or should it be the BandsFC World Cup?? We're in either way...