Watford have joined in on the April Fools’ Day antics, initially releasing an outlandish, multi-coloured ‘official’ 2019/20 season home kit, before following it up with a more genuine statement unveiling the real thing.

You might be able to name a few players or teams who are a fair bit like most April Fools’ Day pranks; plenty of effort gets put in but the end-product is ultimately pretty disappointing.

In short, Watford’s ‘official’ 2019/20 home kit was revealed on the club’s website as being a yellow, red, black and white diamond-themed mishmash with a LOT going on. 

That was, of course, the point. It felt like a bit like an 80s Belgium kit, missing only the collar, baggy fit and a quintessentially *remarkable* hairstyle to suit.

Described as a ‘striking lattice design’, the thirteen diamonds on the front of the shirt were claimed to represent each of the Hornets’ thirteen seasons in the top-flight.

At this point, they could’ve let it simmer for a few hours, let some outrage build and then, “April Fools’ guys!”

A more genuine follow-up statement was released, announcing that the first kit was, of course, just part of the club’s April Fools’ Day involvement, but that the prank wasn't quite over.

Enter the follow-up statement, which unveiled the club’s ACTUAL 2019/20 jersey and well… the April Fools’ kit was at least some kind of fun.

Next season, Watford will be wearing a black and yellow 'half-half' shirt, similar to Fulham’s 140-year anniversary kit.

Complimented by yellow sleeves, red trims and black shorts, it’s… okay, and that’s about as much as I feel there is to say about it.

Admittedly, there’s a segment of people who are far more qualified to discuss the divisive jersey; Hornets fans themselves. Here’s the best of their takes: