The Jamaican 100m world record holder sprint superstar has been trialling with the Gosford side since last month in the hope of landing a pro contract with the club.

But he was allowed to leave the country last week to fulfil a previously arranged sponsorship engagement.

FTBL revealed it was to launch the new vintage of a prestige Champagne brand... but no-one expected this stunt!

Watch the video here now: 

Bolt was taken up in a plane to experience champagne in zero gravity - and saw him floating through space in a cloud of champagne bubbles.

Although all the seats had been removed from the section of the plane – which goes into a steep dive at high altitude to create the zero-G effect – the gangly star looked out of control at times and in danger of damaging his legs in the stunt.

It might make for good publicity pics for the Champagne brand...but we doubt too many club physics would have pre-approved it beforehand!