A referee in Holland's top amateur league has accidentally scored a goal during a game between Harkemase Boys and HSV Hoek.

In what was a scramble on the goal line the referee had made his way close to the goal in order to determine whether the ball had crossed the line. 

A shot from the HSV player deflected off the defender and into the referee from just five yards out and over the goal line it what is one of the most hilarious and strange moments seen in football.

With the referee being part of live play and the ball going over the line the decision to give the goal, while a controversial one, was probably the right decision as harsh as the goal was. 

However, Harkemase Boys certainly had reason to be angry with the official being so close to the goalmouth in what is an unnatural position to see a referee in. 

A tough goal to concede but luckily enough for the referee, his mishap didn't change the result of the game as Harkemase Boys still ran out 4-2 winners.

Perhaps the official was hoping to impress some scouts with his goal-poaching display.