Eintracht Frankfurt captain David Abraham was sent off after shoulder barging Freiburg's coach Christian Streich initiating a brawl between the two sides. 

Deep into injury time Frankfurt were down a goal as the ball went out of play, with Abraham chasing the ball the centre-back decided to shove the 54-year-old manager down to the ground.

The shove sparked an immediate response from both sets of benches as well as the players, setting off some pushing and shoving from both sides.

The incident went to VAR however, there was only one response with referee Felix Brych sending off Abraham.

Christian Streich said the issue had been resolved post-game with Abraham apologising for the incident.

Streich said: "Football is a contact sport, that was on the wrong side of it though."

"It was a heated game, we need to calm down, it's done and not have silly talk about it now.

"At 54 you can be run over by a young buffalo; you can't hold yourself against it anymore."

The game finished 1-0 in favour of Freiburg who find themselves in the top four after the weekend's fixtures.