Nike has produced a short film detailing Matilda's star Sam Kerr's upbringing in Perth, troubles with injuries and delves into the relationships that have shaped her as an athlete. 

The film begins in Perth where Kerr's love of AFL and dream of playing for the West Coast Eagle's flourished, playing with and against the boy's at a young age.

Kerr's love and passion for her homeplace of Perth really shines through as she speaks of her family and the town she grew up in. 

She also speaks of the lack of opportunity for women playing AFL as she grew up, in what was perhaps a blessing in disguise as Matilda's soon gained their brightest star.

While she struggled with her initial pursuit into football once she decided to pursue a career in football she undoubtedly flourished becoming a four-time golden boot winner for both W-League and NWSL.


Sam Kerr Perth, Australia Introducing Birthplace of Dreams. Watch on IGTV now. #justdoit

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While Kerr's career has taken her to the top of Australian sport it hasn't been without struggle, as she also delves into the mental aspect of injuries and how her relationship with Nikki Stanton helped her overcome her struggles.

The video is a great glimpse into Kerr's personal life and childhood, and can also be found on Instagram on @nike and Sam Kerr's own profile @samanthakerr20.