Antoine Griezmann has taken centre stage for Barcelona after scoring two goals to lead the Spanish giants to a 5-2 win over Real Betis.

Barcelona were without Leo Messi and Luis Suarez, meaning all eyes were on the World Cup winner in a game in which he definitely delivered. 

His second goal was particularly delightful as he cut inside from the right-hand side and curled the ball into the top left corner. 

However, his celebration after his second goal caught the eye of many as he ran over to the corner flag and gathered some glitter from a Camp Nou staff worker.

Griezmann then proceeded to throw the red and blue glitter up into the air and bask in the stadium's adulation as it fell down upon him.

Antoine Griezmann is known for his love of American sports and in particular, his idol NBA star LeBron James whose chalk celebration was certainly an inspiration for Griezmann's own celebration.

This isn't the first time the Frenchman has taken inspiration from the Laker's man, with his documentary series informing fans of his decision to stay at Atletico Madrid last season very much inspired by LeBron's own 'The Decision' TV program.

Now finally finding his way at Barcelona, Griezmann will be hoping to continue his form when he links up with Messi and Suarez.