There were some huge names involved in the most recent stop on the FIFA World Tour, with FIFA YouTubers and Bayern Munich stars participating in one of the weirdest no-rule FIFA matches you'll witness.

FeelFIFA Stefan and Castro1021 teamed up with Bayern Munich superstars James Rodrigues, Thiago Alcantara, Javi Martinez and Serge Gnabry as madness ensued. 

Having stopped in world-famous cities like London, New York, Paris and Madrid, the FIFA World Tour works on the premise of bringing together world football’s biggest names for some of the most hilarious, high-octane FIFA19 you’re ever likely to see.

Typically, stipulations are implemented to increase the fun-factor and unpredictability, but the tour’s Munich edition might just be the weirdest one yet.

Police sirens, kids’ band-aids and megaphones all made an appearance, alongside- well, whatever it is that Javi Martinez sticks over his eyes.