Footage has emerged showing a large protest taking place in Qatar involving construction workers involved in the 2022 FIFA World Cup project.

The video shows a large number of protestors in high-visibility jackets gathering along a wide road.

In June the chairman of the Qatar 2022's organising committee admitted a 'high number' of deaths had been recorded since the inception of the projects.

Meanwhile, an investigation by the Daily Mirror in May revealed that 28,000 of the workers working on the seven new stadiums were only being paid Dh3.82 (AUD $1.54) an hour.

With the issues surrounding the World Cup 2022 project becoming more publicised, Amnesty International weighed in on the project back in February.

Amnesty's Stephen Cockburn said: "Time is running out if the Qatari authorities want to deliver a legacy we can all cheer, namely a labour system that ends the abuse and misery inflicted on so many migrant workers every day."

With the recent protests circulating social media, there may now be more pressure on the organising committee to make a change.