Notts County owner Alan Hardy has put the League Two side up for sale after accidentally tweeting an inappropriate picture of himself and subsequently leaving Twitter.

Hardy is already known for his controversial manner after sacking two managers this season and being charged with driving over the speed limit late last year.

However, this may be the biggest PR disaster for the businessman who has since deleted his Twitter account.

Hardy said: "This morning an inappropriate photo appeared in one of my tweets. This was clearly an honest mistake as a result of my camera role being include in a screenshot.

"I tried to rectify the error by deleting the tweet as soon as I noticed and I apologise for any offence caused."

The intimate picture appeared at the bottom of a screenshot where Hardy was comparing a text from a fan wishing him a Merry Christmas and later criticising his ownership.

Credit: Nottingham Post

Later that day he announced he would be deactivating his Twitter account in the best interests of Notts County.

He said: "Thank you to everyone who continues to support me through what has been a very difficult time. Later this evening I will be deleting my account as I feel this is in the best interests of the football club, my family and myself."


Now Hardy has made the decision to put the side up for sale after two years in charge, just hours after leaving Twitter.

However, Hardy is adamant his latest PR fiasco, as well as the club's position at the bottom of the English Football League, has nothing to do with the decision.

In a statement, Hardy said: "After considerable soul-searching, I no longer feel I can continue as owner."

"I would like to make it clear from the outset that the club's current league position is not a factor in this decision, nor are any of the events which have unfolded in the media this weekend."