After turning around their fortunes as a club last season and qualifying for the AFC Champions League, the Newcastle Jets have unveiled the home and away kits which they’ll be wearing at the continental tournament.

Given that they are stuck firmly in the bottom four this time around, you might be forgiven for forgetting that the Newcastle Jets were actually one of the surprise packets of the 2017/18 season, ultimately coming up short against Melbourne Victory in a famously controVARsial Grand Final at McDonald Jones Stadium in May 2018.

Regardless, the Jets have revealed the home and away kits which they’ll be wearing for Champions League fixtures, and there’s a strong Crystal Palace-esque vibe which you’re likely to get from them.


Newcastle will be bringing back their semi-traditional vertical stripes for the red-and-blue home kit which seems to lack the subtle gold detailing which has been somewhat characteristic of Jets kits over the years.

I’ll give the away kit far more credit however, as despite the immediate similarity to 16/17 and 18/19 Crystal Palace away strips, the aforementioned Newcastle ‘touch of gold’ returns in the form of a fairly stylish button-up collar.

The goalkeeping kit is, well, very orange and very worth-not-much-more-of-a-mention.

Best of all, the three featured kits will have ‘Newcastle’ printed across their fronts, probably to strike intense fear into the hearts of their opposition and to remind them of the footballing might of the Hunter Region. Alternatively, it’s there just in case you forget which team is wearing the red-and-blue stripes.

In actuality, it’s a local business initiative of sorts, with 500 sponsors collectively contributing towards a vision of Newcastle itself being the ‘sponsorship partner’.


Credit where it’s due, it all actually works quite well for these particular jerseys.

The home jersey would be quite sparse without the white branding, and tends to prevent the shirt from feeling too classic-Barcelona. On the other hand, the gold typography somehow improves the away kit, and compliments the gold collar perfectly.

The McDonald Jones Stadium will play host to the Jets’ knockout qualifier against Persija Jakarta at 7pm tonight.