Clubless Italian striker, Mario Balotelli is expected to be questioned by police after paying a man to drive a moped into the sea.

Balotelli recently posted a video to his Instagram of bar owner, Catello Buonocore, driving a moped off the edge of a marina wearing only his underpants. 


Buongiorno così ! 😂😂😂 (Vespa ripescata).

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It is alleged that Balotelli paid Buonocore £1,800 ($3200AUD) to perform the stunt, and is now facing accusations of 'criminal solicitation and gambling' according to Football Italia

Balotelli is reportedly a regular at Buonocore's bar in Mergellina on the coast of Naples, and was later seen handing over his money to the bar owner. 

Buonocore was later quoted from Italian reporters as saying: "My moped was only worth £540 anyway."

Balotelli later posted further footage to his Instagram story, showing that the moped has been retrieved and was still in working order.

While the former Manchester City and Liverpool striker is certainly known for his antics, perhaps it would be wise to focus on finding a new club after recently being released by Marseille.