A Manchester United supporter has been taken to hospital for emergency surgery after being stabbed in the chest by a taxi driver following the Champions League fixture in Paris. 

The 44-year-old supporter was travelling back from the stadium after Manchester United's historic win over PSG and was singing and celebrating with three other supporters.

The taxi driver reportedly took offence to the group's celebrations pulling over and telling them to get out of his taxi.

The situation reportedly escalated as the driver pulled out a knife and threatened a female passenger in the group before stabbing the victim in the chest after he attempted to intervene.

The group was able to flag down a passing car to take the victim to the High Dependency Unit at the Hospital Europeen Georges-Pompidou where he has undergone emergency surgery to remove blood on his lung. 

French police have arrested a suspect however, a weapon has yet to be found. 

This comes just a few weeks after a Manchester City fan was placed into an induced coma in Germany after being attacked by Schalke fans after City's clash with the German club.

The City fan who has now woken from the coma was reportedly knocked to the floor hitting his head on the ground, suffering a severe brain injury.

A similar incident occurred to Liverpool fan Sean Cox in April last year prior to the Merseyside's tie with Roma in the semi-finals of the Champions League. 

Cox was attacked with a belt by Roma supporters leaving the and still has not fully recovered, suffering from multiple cognitive and communication impairments.