Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been in hot goalscoring form in his debut season at Manchester United, scoring 26 goals so far aged 35.

But how does he keep it up?  that the Swede is rarely seen out of the gym – so clearly, he's going to need some tunes for that. 

The Sweden international has handpicked some personal favourites for his “Mental Muscle” playlist.

The 19-track list features a mix of old-school rap, hip-hop and even a bit of dubstep. So far, so normal.

But there's also room for plenty of cheese: Vanilla Ice’s hit track Ice Ice Baby, Aswad’s Shine and Bad Boys by Inner Circle all creep in.

According to Ibrahimovic's own fashion brand A-Z: "His playlist is a balance between motivating up-tempo tunes and more mellow moments when it’s all about strength and focus."

And who are we to argue? You can get in the zone like Zlatan by checking out the Spotify playlist above.