Notts County has been forced to turn down a generous offer from Juventus to supply the English team's kits for next season after Notts County could not afford the new designs.

Notts County recently reached out to Juventus to ask them to repay a 116-year-old favour to help in paying for the new Puma jerseys after the club has fallen into financial trouble.

Notts County had been unable to pay club employees since the end of last season with the club on the brink of takeover after their relegation to the National League.

With their 2019/20 kits still locked up in a Puma warehouse Member of Nottingham South parliament, Lilian Greenwood wrote to Juventus to ask for financial help.

The relationship between Juventus and Notts County began in 1903 when the English club sent a bundle of black and white striped shirts to Turin after Juventus abandoned their original pink kit. 

Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli revealed he was willing to supply new kits through their own kit sponsor in Adidas however, with Notts current deal with Puma the help had to be rejected.

A letter from Juventus' head of Communications Claudio Albanese to Ms Greenwood said: "Considering the long-lasting relation between the two clubs, Juventus would have gladly assisted in providing new kits for next season."

"We have already held talks with our technical sponsor, Adidas, to inform them of the situation and they immediately contacted Notts County to arrange equipment supply.

"Unfortunately, as it turns out, the club has a two-year binding agreement with Puma that doesn't allow them to wear any other brand.

"Thank you for the letter. We wish Notts County all the best in the future."

While Juventus were unable to provide help to Notts County, their offer highlights the historic relationship between the two clubs, including being the first English team to play at Juventus' Allianz Stadium in 2011.