Jamie and Rebekah Vardy's recent attempt to trademark the infamous phrase 'Chat s***, get banged' in songs has failed as it contains an expletive.

The Leicester City striker successfully trademarked the phrase for certain products back in 2016, however, the trademark did not include songs.

The phrase was used by Vardy in 2011, and the Facebook post that made the phrase famous resurfaced in 2016 during Leicester's Premier League-winning season.

Vardy's Facebook comment was in reply to abusive fans when he was playing for Fleetwood Town.

The Vardy couple decided to trademark the phrase to be able to use it on T-Shirts and other merchandise when the striker found a cult-following after scoring 24 goals in the 2015/16 season.

Ed Sheeran recently released a collaboration album, that includes a song titled 'Take Me Back to London' featuring rapper Stormzy.

The song features the line 'Moves that ain't ever been planned. No goons that were never in gangs. Where I'm from chat s***, get banged.' 

While, the Vardy's had trademarked the phrase, the trademark did not protect them from the use of the phrase in songs or popular culture according to the Intellectual Property Office.