You'd think one of China's richest clubs could afford a spare shirt with number 5 printed on it, right? Well, you're wrong.

Five of Guangzhou Evergrande's equipment staff have been smacked with fines after converting a number 15 shirt to a number 5 shirt, with the help of some yellow.. tape. 

The mega-rich club were up against fellow Chinese club Tianjin Quanjin in the Asian Champions League when Evergrande's Zhang Linpeng was caught up in a collision, had blood flowing from his mouth and needed a new shirt. 

For some unknown reason, a much needed replacement shirt could be found in the stadium's changeroom. 

Without being able to find a quick solution to the problem, the number 15 shirt of defender substitute Zhang Wenzhao was taken off him and given to Zhang Linpeng to wear. 

Shortly after, the staff managed to pull a new, correct shirt out of nowhere. Unfortunately for the five guys, their fines stood alongside a very unhappy Evergrande General Manager.

Shortly after the situation gained attention over social media, the club released a statement explaining, "The team's kit management has made major mistakes and has seriously damaged the club's brand." 

Now we are keen to find out how five guys couldn't find a spare Zhang Linpeng shirt.