It has now been a few weeks since the release of FIFA 19. Many new exciting features have been released into the game.

We've now had the chance to play and go in depth into the game to pick out our top 5 picks of the best features in the game.

1. No Rules Mode

Now we all have that one friend that just can’t simply go a match without getting a yellow or red card, or for the friend that always complains that he is never offside (even though the replay clearly shows that he is). All the rules have been thrown out of the game such as offside, handballs, illegal tackles and so on.

2. Cross-platform Play

In case you don’t know, Cross-play or cross-platform play is where a game allows you to play against or with other platforms such as other consoles. EA have constantly been talking about allowing the FIFA series to have cross-play, and now they have finally given it to us! Now PlayStation players can finally play Xbox players, and can finally settle the argument of whether Xbox players or PlayStation players are better.

3. House Rules

Now this is for your friend that can’t play FIFA in general, but want to have a decent and fair game with you. House Rules allows you to adjust everything from the score, how many points a goal is for either person, from anywhere around the field and many more features that you will have a great time playing around with.

4. Champions League

You can finally feel the feeling of playing in a UEFA Champions League final, well, at home, on the couch, on FIFA… but it’s still a brilliant feeling. Play the Champions League fixtures, from the group stages, to the round of 16 and all the way to the Champions League final. Play by yourself or with your mates to share that feeling.

5. Ultimate Team

Nearly everyone who plays FIFA, plays Ultimate Team. Whether you are just getting into the series, or are a veteran – this game is probably the most played mode in the game. Manage your very own team and get better players by playing and opening packs. This is arguably the most competitive mode in FIFA 19.