The move comes with A-League crowds down across the board and in light of last fortnight's Sydney Derby where Western Sydney Wanderers fans ripped flares during the match.

Wanderers management shut down the Red & Black Bloc for last round's clash with Glory at Spotless Stadium as a result.

A-League boss Greg O'Rourke told the Sydney Morning Herald said the idea was to help revive active support in the competition.

"Safe smoke is not the panacea but it will just be one part of the picture to enhance the match-day colour," he said.

"It’s clear that we have to do some relationship building between the clubs, the fans and the FFA and we’re looking to engage on that with any of those fan groups that wish to do so."

The FFA remain steadfast against the use of flares due to safety concerns around the heat emitted.

However, O'Rourke said they were keen to explore ways to boost active support, look into legal pyrotechnics which have been utilised in the MLS by Orlando City.

No national body has ever supplied fan groups or clubs with legal pyrotechnics but the move shows the FFA's desperation to revive A-League active supporter groups.

O'Rourke added: "We need to get that atmosphere back again. We have lost a bit of that and we have lost it for a lot of reasons. 

"It’s very clear that one of the points of difference of our game over others is the atmosphere inside the stadia.

"It’s the singing, chanting, the rhythm of the game that’s the point of difference that our game can bring, and people come to the venue knowing that they’re going to experience not only the game but all the entertainment of the crowd."

The FFA have already spoken to police about the use of the legal smoke-emitting devices as well as one A-League club's fan group.