Part of their lineup of big International Women’s Day releases, adidas has unveiled Sweden’s home kit for the 2019 Women’s World Cup, and it seems a fair step up from their effort for the men’s team in 2018.

Paying homage to Sweden’s 1994 home strip which was worn in that year’s World Cup - hosted across multiple cities in the U.S.A - the vibrant yellow jersey for the upcoming Women’s World Cup was released alongside the playing kits of the more traditional footballing powerhouses Germany and Spain.


The new Swedish Women´s National Team jersey is an acclaim to the women that has created and still creates history in order to pave the way for the future. Role models that inspires so many. We, the players of the National Team, wants to pay a tribute to these Swedish women by highlighting them together with us on the new team jersey from @adidas by wearing them on our backs when #WeCreateHistory. Who would you like to see in #8? Nominate a name here in the comment field no later than 11/3. The result is presented at the match Sweden-Germany at Friends Arena on Saturday 6/4. Buy the jersey with these unique numbers in the national team supportershop - link in bio!

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Where Sweden’s 1994 strip was famous for its bold, rather iconic adidas ‘3-stripes’ which ran upwards diagonally from the sides of the shirt’s front, the reworked 2019 actually goes about replicating this with a bit more subtlety.

Unsurprisingly, the shirt is predominantly yellow, but plays on the old ‘3-stripes’ characteristic by blending in adidas’ ‘Glitch’ design, characterised by thin, waveform-style patterns creeping from the sides of the shirt diagonally-downwards, roughly depicting the silhouette of the brand’s unforgettable stripes.

This famous calling-card of adidas also appears in navy blue on the jersey’s shoulders, which compliments the shirt’s collar of the same shade.



Finally, the whole kit is finished off with a special touch of class by adidas, who've composed the player numbers on the back of the shirts with collages of female role models picked by the playing group, making the International Women's Day release date an opportunity to celebrate the contributions and successes of women both on and off the pitch.

With the Women’s World Cup kicking off on the 7th of June, Sweden will face an enormous challenge when they come up against the United States in their first group stage game.

Chile and Thailand are the other two teams who round out the group.